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Unbelievable what happend today. This is what keeps me from getting what I try to do. The people in town are gossiping a ton. Somebody, and I have my theory who, but I am not going to call these people out in here, told around that I am just caring about Anne because I want to get her out of the Cuthberts house. Isn't that unbelievable? I try to be nice, kind, grid my and shareable and then that. I don't have the bad intent to do such things. Why do I wanted to get Anne away from Marilla and Matthew? They both care so much about Anne. I wouldn't never even think about such thing! So to stop the gossiping I can't do something with Anne every time I want to. I first have to think about what other people will think when they see both of us together. Well, but I can't just focus on the gossipers in our town. Of course I will still invite all of them for tea. I don't give up that fast. If I want something I don't get distracted by others. I don't give up! I will just try different. So that everybody is happy. As the ministers wife you have to satisfy everybody. Because I don't want to be known as the mean old lady one day. My tactic now is, to do more with all of them and not just Anne. I first thought about just inviting Anne for tea but after the story I just heard I won't! They all are invited to come and join us. Mrs. Allan
18.3.14 00:47
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