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Going deeper

Going deeper means, finding out more about myself and discover a little secret. Every woman keeps her little secret. Me and my husband are the only persons that know about my little secret and are still alive. People always ask me why I care so much about that little Anne-girl. She is a sweet girl and very interesting for sure. But that is not the only reason why I care. I once was an orphanage aswell. Just like Anne. I don't know about my real parents and what happend so they couldn't take care of my anymore. Remember when I told you that I am thankful because of my fathers work? I was talking about my stepfather. The family that adopted me was very wealthy. I was lucky to get into that family. They were really nice and kind and treated very well. They teached me how to eat, speak and communicate properly. This is my little secret and this is why I care so much about Anne. I know how she feels and I can relate to her. Mrs.Allan
18.3.14 00:25
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