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Hello, my name is Mrs. Allan. A few days ago I decided to write a blog. Not because I think I have something important to tell. Not because I feel like I need to tell the world my story. I dont think that the people that will live after me, will be interested in my story. I decided to write a blog because that is a way for me to express myself. I don’t have a lot of people to talk to. There is my husband. And we love eachother and our marriage goes really well but he is not home very often because of his job. He is the Minister and of courses this job takes a lot of time so there is not much time left for me. But that is totally fine because everytime he is at home he listens to me and we have beautiful conversations. He is a very carrying husband. But every woman has a little secret and every woman needs to talk somebody that is secure. And in our society today there is a lot of gossip and the woman I can trust most am I. That is basically the reason why I am starting to write this. Tomorrow I will tell you more about me and my life. Mrs. Allan
12.3.14 01:42
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