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I have an idea. Remember, I told you that I was an orphanage just like Anne? And yes I also got adopted. But I was much older than she is now. I was 16 at the time they adopted me. I couldn't hardly believe that their even was an family out there that still wanted me. And my lust to wander around and see all these new and different places doesn't just come from nowhere. I never had the chance to travel. I never had the money. I lived a boring life. Just like Anne I had to use my imagination to make my life more interesting. I imagined the places I wanted to go to and the people I would have met. You may be wondering about what all that has to do with my idea. Well, like I said I can relate to Anne because she also never had the chance to do extraordinary things. I want to show her the world I can experience now. I know she likes dresses with puffed sleeves. So I thought she would like to experience the elegant life I live. I want to share. I am so thankful for what I have now that I want to share with others. That is why I invited Marilla, Matthew and that Anne-girl for tea. That is my idea. Show them and especially Anne a little bit more of that world. The family that adopted me once was shareable. So I try my best to be shareable aswell. Mrs. Allan
18.3.14 00:36



Why am I even important in this whole Anne story? Some people might think that without me everything wouldn't male a big difference. I am being confident by saying that but I am I am important in that story! When Anne first came into our little town she was not accept by most of the people here. They were unfriendly. Marilla was upset because she wanted a boy. Rachel Lynde called her ugly. This are things that you don't want to hear at the first couple of tomes you are new in a town. Without Matthew and without me, the only two persons that accepted her just as she is from the very beginning she would I've felt even more uncomfortable I bet. Now Anne has Diana and Marilla loves that girl..on her own special way. But at the beginning there was hardly anybody there for her. Matthew also loved her as much as I do. But he also has his own little way to express love. He was never really good with girls. That is why I think I am important! I am one of the persons that accepted and loved her from the beginning and she knows that! That is why she also knows that she can always come talk to me when she has problems or even just for talking. I am not just taking care of that Anne-girl, I am a friend of hers for sure. Mrs. Allan
18.3.14 01:05

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